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3 things a tattoo artist can do during this time

3 things a tattoo artist can do during this time

1. Tell customers to book Connect with your customers through different communication channels such as text, phone, email and social media. Arrange customer support to book tattoo needles, tattoo machines, tattoo accessories, etc. If the customer is capable, maybe they can pay a certain percentage in advance. Remember to honor your promises to customers.


2. Social certification Encourage customers to post comments on popular search sites (such as Google My Business). This can not only help you find you online, but also help you attract new customers who are looking for tattoos. Also, try adding the best tattoo photos to these search engines so that potential customers can see your work.

3. Busy with social media With the closure of many non-essential businesses, employees working remotely and people staying at home, it is time to increase social participation. People are paying more and more attention to social content. Attract audiences who are looking for artists. Use hashtags and push more content than ever. We launch Youtube / Instagram / Facebook fan program, update and release new products every day, follow our homepage, lucky viewers can get beautiful gifts

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