CNC Adjustable Stroke Tattoo Machine Pen Kit P6
CNC Adjustable Stroke Tattoo Machine Pen Kit P6

CNC Adjustable Stroke Tattoo Machine Pen Kit P6

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The tattoo kit comes with a selection of health and safety materials designed to help you keep your workstation clean and sterile. Our kit includes a box of ergonomic finger ledge silica gel and our best-selling tattoo cartridges. 
CNC P Series P6 is a revolutionary changer with an easy 5 stroke adjustment in one tattoo pen. Those times you have to set up multiple tattoo machines are passed. You needn't stop mid-tattoo to make adjustments. Quick stroke adjustment by rotating the upper portion to the desired length, the five-stroke options for infinite creation.


  • Stroke Adjust At Your Will. Never need to break down your setup to change the tattoo pen.
  • Precise Stroke Control For your specific need.
    3.0mm is perfect for shading. 3.5mm is an allrounder. Increase the stroke to 4.0 for lining and color packing.
  • Great for lining, packing, coloring, blending, and shading. All in one machine.
  • Mechanical Structure optimization to minimize vibration and volume.
  • Powerful Customized CNC X-I motor. Features Swiss technology.
  • Simply through the stroke ring in the machine to choose the way you want.
  • User-friendly, fully adjustable pen-style tattoo machine even when the machine is running.
  • An ergonomically designed grip helps your hand avoid being overly tense.
  • Forward weighted design aids the artist with downward needle pressure.


  • Texture: Aero-grade alloyed aluminum
  • Motor: CNC Customized X-I motor
  • Weight: 172g
  • Stroke Length: 3.0mm, 3.3mm, 3.6mm, 3.8mm, 4.0mm
  • Color: Mute Black
  • Operation Voltage: 7V – 11V


  • Tattoo Pen*1
  • Power Supply*1
  • Foot pedal*1
  • 20 pcs tattoo needles (5pcs for each size 1003RL/1205RL/1207RM/1009M1)
  • Clip Cord Bag*1
  • Tattoo Pen Cover Sleeves*1
  • Finger Ledge Silica Gel *1 (60pcs/box)
  • Tattoo grip bandage*2