Free Shipping Over $200 For USA, CAN And EU Orders(except for special offer items)

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Shipping Ways

Normal delivery time:

After you submit the order and the payment is successful, we will usually arrange the delivery within 48 hours. After delivery, we will submit the courier tracking number on the website. You will receive the courier tracking number in about 72 hours, stepping on your tracking information.

Hawink has oversea warehouses and distribution centers in the US, UK and Europe. 

In order for you to receive the products as soon as possible, we will prioritize shipping from the nearest warehouse according to your address. 

Shipping time(Ship From China):

  • 7-12 business days Ship to the USA
  • 7-12 business days Ship to the Australia
  • 7-12 business days Ship to the Canada
  • 7-14 business days Ship to the UK
  • 7-15 business days Ship to the Spain
  • 7-14 business days Ship to the Germany
  • 7-14 business days Ship to the Switzerland
  • 7-10 business days Ship to the Korea
  • 10-18 business days Ship to the Russia
  • 10-14 business days Ship to the Poland
  • 10-14 business days Ship to the Norway
  • 10-18 business days Ship to the Chile

Shipping cost (For example :ship to USA)

The website will match the price with the shipping template according to the weight of the order package.
  • 0.01 kg to 0.50kg—$23.5
  • 0.51kg to 1.00kg—$30
  • 1.01kg to 1.50kg—$37
  • 1.5kg to 2.00kg—$43
  • 2.0kg to 2.50kg—$51
  • 2.51kg to 3.00kg—$57
  • 3.01 kg to 3.50kg—$63
  • 3.51kg to 4.00kg—$70
  • 4.01kg to 4.50kg—$77
  • 4.51kg to 5.00kg—$84
  • 5.01kg to 5.50kg—$90
  • 5.51kg to 6.00kg—$97
  • 6.01kg to 6.50kg—$103
  • 6.51kg to 7.00kg—$110
  • 7.01kg to 7.50kg—$116
  • 7.51kg to 8.00kg—$123
  • 8.01kg to 8.50kg—$129
  • 8.51kg to 9.00kg—$136
  • 9.01kg to 9.50kg—$143
  • 9.51 kg to 10.0kg—$149
When your order involves sensitive products such as batteries and liquids. This may generate more shipping costs. We will contact you before shipping, and we will manually select the courier method to ensure that you can receive the package.

Pre-sale delivery time

Regarding the pre-sale delivery time of new products, please read the product page introduction. We will release the specific details of the delivery time and pre-sale products

Customer Verification Policy (Prior to Shipping Out the Item)

Tattoo Unleashed is responsible for the detection and prevention of fraud, misappropriations, and other irregularities to protect our customers. Once our system detects a suspicious transaction we will have to ask additional information for verification purposes whenever a customer places multiple orders before we process the orders. For example, if we noticed that the shipping address is 200 miles away from the location where the order was placed. We will need our customers to provide us the following:
  •      Bank’s name
  •      Name as it appears on the credit card
  •      CVC number
  •      Full Billing address and Zip Code
  •      Full Shipping address
We will not process any orders once our customer is verified.