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CNC® Police Tattoo Needle Cartridge Sample Needles 5pcs

CNC® Police Tattoo Needle Cartridge Sample Needles 5pcs

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This sample pack lets you choose different configurations to help you decide which one works best for your style.

NOTE: We do not sell this product alone due to the mini size of the package may cause loss during international shipping.


  • High Quality, made of 304 surgical stainless steel and medical-grade plastic.
  • 100% Safety: All disposable cartridge needles have passed CE certification, all tattoo needles are pre-sterilized by E.O. Gas and the date indicate on each package, provides absolute protection for your tattoo art.
  • Tattoo Cartridges Needle Diameter: #10, #12 RL- Round liner, Round shader, Round magnum, Tight round liner. Polished, long taper reliable for tattoo designs all-purpose work. high-quality silicone to keep the needle elastic. Comes in a box of 5pcs.
  • Easy to use. The semi-transparent cartridges needle tips make it easier to observe the needle striking and inks, 
  • With a plastic membrane so that tattoo inks won't flow back to the tubes.
  • Give artist finger extra comfort, less finger fatigue, and absorb those damaging vibrations while tattooing.
  • Compatible with most standard cartridge grips & machines on the market.
  • One-piece needle over-mold for total stability.


  • Configuration: 1003RL, 1209RS, 1215RM, 1209RL, 1007RLT (each size 1 pcs)
  • Taper Size: X Taper (7.0mm taper)
  • Needle Diameter: 0.30 mm(starts with 10) – 0.35mm (starts with 12)
  • Color: Red Transparent Tip
  • Mold: Single-mould casing
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